13 Clever Tips to Build a Blog That Stands Out

Jenn Pereira
6 min readNov 12, 2017


Many of new bloggers wish to build a blog that does not only reflect a personality but also stands out from among millions of other blogs.

A lot of blogging tips would tell about striving to create the best content to gain a good ranking. However, it is not enough to have great material nowadays because the intense competition requires more than just a compelling content.

It is much easier to access a blog because internet connection is cheap, social media platforms are getting more accessible, and, generally, people are more technology-savvy compared to 10 years before.

These factors affect how a blog grows and gains plenty of followers so it is a must that they are considered upon creating a WordPress blog.

  1. Choose the best platform to manage your blog

When you are going to build a blog, do not be afraid of the technical stuff behind it. All you need is a dedicated and reliable “expert” to manage your blog. Typically, your choice of platform would matter because it will define how easy it would be for you to publish a blog. A lot would choose a self-hosted WordPress blog simply because it is very easy to navigate. But there are also those who prefer free platform such as Medium, Blogger, LiveJournal, or TypePad, among others.

If you don’t have a blog yet, here’s a complete and easy to follow guide on how to start a blog.

2. Have a simple but professional looking blog design

A blog that stands out does not necessarily need too many details on the design. A simple but powerful design can be achieved using premium WordPress blog themes or best free WordPress themes. It wouldn’t hurt your pocket to pay for premium themes too in order to get a flawlessly-designed theme that would suit your content.

3. Establish your brand

Strive for a blog niche that revolves around your brand. Make all content cohesive in order to show expertise on the topic. Pretty soon followers will recognize your brand because they trust you to provide useful information.

4. Pick a unique topic and focus on it. Map a content plan.

A unique topic will spark interest while a content plan will ensure that you will have plenty of materials to write about the chosen topic. You need to make sure that you will explore all possible topics within the niche so you will never run out of interesting subjects to write about. Learn more ideas on what to blog about depending on your chosen niche.

5. Express your opinion and develop a unique voice

Having an expert insight about a topic shows commitment to deliver great content. It levels you to the readers as if you are conversing with them, discussing the high points of the topic. But, be extra cautious with your choice of words. If you can’t make it to sound neutral and you have to take sides, do so constructively to avoid angering those with opposing ideas to your own.

6. Educate your readers

Be a responsible blogger. Thoroughly research about your niche and be informative with your posts so that readers will hunger for more. It pays to be a reliable blog. Aspire to have your blog become a source of information that everyone will check first before they start looking at other blogs.

7. Invest time on producing high-quality content

A great content should not be hurried. Take time to do research, examine what sparks the curiosity of the readers so that you will produce content that is useful and beautifully written. Investing time to write on your blog also means focusing all your attention to what you are writing. Eliminate distractions by logging off from social media accounts or have your phone in silent mode. Here is a comprehensive guide for bloggers on how to write a successful blog.

8. Supply free resources to your readers

Think of your blog as a one-stop-shop. Provide free resources like e-books so they will not feel the need to look somewhere else. You may even hold give-away contests every once in awhile so readers will think that it is very rewarding to visit your blog. Do this early on to entice more followers and use that time to establish a following by timing the freebies whenever you are posting something new. At EasyBlog Themes, we offer free WordPress themes.

9. Include other media formats and get visual

Use of media such as video, audio, and photos gets the attention of readers. Some of them may have a very limited attention span so providing visuals makes sure that every second of their attention counts. Associate those with your write-up and you will have visually-appealing content. Make sure to credit owners if you are using media other than your own to avoid copyright issues.

10. Engage your readers by asking them questions or by solving their problems

Using questions as a headline and promising a solution is an instant attention-grabber and an effective way to get noticed especially on social media. It is like luring the audience to read the rest of the content for them to apply the solution by themselves.

11. Write a compelling headlines

Give it your best in crafting the best headlines because strong and compelling headlines draw in browsers to become readers. Read about tips on how to write better headlines and apply them to every single post that you make.

12. Connect with other bloggers with niche related to yours. Accept guest posts.

Allowing guests to post in your blog helps create a network where you belong. It will be easier for you to also guest post thereby giving you the chance to become a sort of an expert with your niche because you are also contributing to other blogs. Learn more about guest blogging and it’s importance to bloggers.

13. Just keep blogging

Remember what they say about practicing a craft to perfect it. This applies to blogging as well. By refusing to give up, you get to develop blogging skills that you thought you never had when you were just starting to build a blog.


It may take a while to have a smashing blog but knowing how to do it right makes a lot of difference. Incorporating these blogging tips will let you build a blog that means business. Encourage yourself to follow everything and you will surely get it right even if it is your first time to blog.



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