15+ Latest Free WordPress Themes for Blogs and Magazines of 2018

Magazine blogs are one of those sites that are expected to have the best WordPress blog themes because the pages should exude sophistication. The overall look of the blog also gives the site a reliable vibe which makes the content more effective.

You can find stylish blog themes both from the free minimalist WordPress themes and premium blog themes galleries. However, there are hundreds of blog themes to choose from and it can be confusing to pick only one for a blog.

Avoid getting overwhelmed by the staggering number and take a look at these 15+ latest WordPress blog themes that we have exclusively chosen to make any magazine blog fabulous:

1. Angilla Theme

Minimalist WordPress blog themes work for the reason that it makes any blog look clean and well-put together. The Angilla blog theme looks simple but this factor makes it easier to read the content. You can customize the blog layout, arrange the pages, and use the live customizer to decorate and add personal touch to the theme.

Download: https://easyblogthemes.com/item/free-angilla-wordpress-blog-theme/

2. Neville Theme

One of the clean and unique WordPress blog themes, select the Neville theme if you prefer to have a theme that is attention- grabbing and yet still looks professional and clean. It can handle Jetpack to activate the article sharing options so you will the choice to share articles on other sites like social media platforms.

Download: https://wordpress.org/themes/neville/

3. Floro Theme

For the feminine blogs, the Floro theme is one of the minimalist WordPress blog themes that are so simple to install. The design is straightforward, comes with cool features like customizable theme options, translation- ready, and you can create custom menus and logos.

Download: https://wordpress.org/themes/floro/

4. Love Fashion Themes

Who says that free WordPress blog themes can’t look good? The Love Fashion blog theme is a fully functional theme that any fashion lover would want to have. The sleek and modern design keeps the theme responsive and fast loading while still remaining to be highly customizable. It also offers a commendable support even if it is a free theme.

Download: https://easyblogthemes.com/item/love-fashion-wordpress-blog-theme-free/

5. Blog Zone Theme

For a simple yet modern magazine blog theme, take a look at the Blog Zone theme. Unlike most minimalist WordPress blog themes that has muted colors; this theme got a colorful palette but also allows you to customize your own colors as well as other details like pages options, slider posts, featured images, etc. to have a unique and appealing look.

Download: https://wordpress.org/themes/blog-zone/

6. Mercia Theme

One of the things you should look for in WordPress blog themes is versatility. The Mercia theme offers an adaptable design that makes it suitable for any kind of blog. Choose from among the multiple layouts and create a dynamic site in minutes.

Download: https://wordpress.org/themes/mercia/

7. MeisterMag Theme

There are WordPress blog themes that demand coding skills to install. The MeisterMag theme, however, is so effortless to install and so easy to personalize. The theme has an exceptional design that you can customize in minutes. It is fully responsive, has a clean code, and features an elegant mobile approach.

Download: https://wordpress.org/themes/meistermag/

8. Rinzai Theme

Minimalist WordPress blog themes are designed to have the audience focus on the content. The Rinzai theme was built as such and its simple yet modern look perfectly complements any blog. Customize the menu, logo, and choose which featured images to use. It is a translation- ready theme that comes with a grid layout.

Download: https://wordpress.org/themes/rinzai/

9. Transference Theme

Transference is a child theme of the Twenty Sixteen WordPress theme. It is commendable for the clarity and straightforwardness of the design. Take control of its final look by adjusting color styles, social icon menu, and other refinements for a truly unique yet a clean and sophisticated theme.

Download: https://wordpress.org/themes/transference/

10. Magazine Point Theme

The eye- catching design of the Magazine Point theme is a tell- tale sign of its careful craftsmanship. It has easy to use features which are great for those who were not gifted with coding skills. It is also SEO optimized which is great if you are aiming to get higher search engine rankings.

Download: https://wordpress.org/themes/magazine-point/

11. Yosemite-lite Theme

There are WordPress blog themes that look great but are weighed down by its functions. Thankfully, there are some that are lightweight yet still manage to look elegant like the Yosemite-lite theme. It is fast and already optimized for mobile so even those audiences that are on the go can take a peek at your blog on their mobile devices.

Download: https://wordpress.org/themes/yosemite-lite/

12. Online Mag Theme

Online Mag is among those free WordPress blog themes that looks professional and lets you have premium features even if you are not spending anything for it. Build a site in minutes by just clicking instead of writing any codes. The theme is responsive so you have no problem having the content in a jumble when viewed on mobile devices.

Download: https://wordpress.org/themes/onlinemag/

13. Vio Mag Theme

The neat design of the Vio Mag theme is its main selling point. It is highly customizable, can handle different Google Fonts, fully responsive, provides areas for widgets and offers many options to personalize the page layouts. It is also translation- ready with both English and Spanish integration.

Download: https://wordpress.org/themes/viomag/

14. Kokoro Theme

Simple WordPress blog themes like the Kokoro theme are pleasant to the eyes. The simplicity of the theme adds a certain calm wherein the content becomes more relatable and so easy to comprehend and accept. It also helps that even if it is free; the theme stays responsive and comes with premium- like customization options.

Download: https://wordpress.org/themes/kokoro/

15. Chronus Theme

Magazine blogs have plenty of content. The Chronus theme offers flexible widgets so that it can handle the dynamic content of a magazine blog. It helps that the theme is lightweight and fast and the minimalist design highlights the content with a bonus of being fully responsive to different browsers.

Download: https://wordpress.org/themes/chronus/

16. HitMag Theme

If you are looking forward to a stylish magazine blog, the HitMag theme is your best choice as it comes with many customizable options to make a unique and creative blog. Even if it is free, the theme ensures a functional, professional and premium-looking blog.

Download: https://wordpress.org/themes/hitmag/

17. Bezel Theme

A theme that is based on Bootstrap, Bezel is an elegant WordPress theme that was made flexible for its customizable options. Aside from ensuring that readers can focus on the content, it is also responsive, translation-ready, SEO optimized, and utilizes a clean code.

Download: https://wordpress.org/themes/bezel/



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