Finding Your Niche — What to Blog About

However, if you haven’t started yet, here are the 5 easy steps on how to start a blog the right way. After setting up your blog, it’s time to create a great content. But, first let’s define the term niche.

What is a Niche?

Niche is the foundation of blogging, the secret of popular blogs why they have established a name in the blogosphere. When you say niche, it is the general idea by which a blog is focused on. Basically, the content revolves around a particular topic. For example, the niche is about basketball. It does not necessarily mean that everything you write is directly about basketball, how it is played, the rules, etc. When you have basketball as a niche, you can also expand in different area like clothing, shoes, novelty items, exercise routines, and everything else that are indirectly about basketball but is still related somehow.

If you know how to choose a niche, it will be easy to pinpoint what to blog about. If you plan to make money writing, then master the art of finding a niche because it will save you plenty of time coming up with topics to write next.

To find a niche, you can ask yourself these two questions:

1. What is your passion or what topic interests you? The easiest way to identify what to blog about is to concentrate on subjects that you are fascinated with. To make money writing means it is absolutely necessary to write a massive number of articles. If you are not too keen about the topic then you will most likely going to run out of ideas in the long run. But if you do like and passionate about the topic, you will find it such a treat to research more about it and you are excited to share newfound knowledge to the world.

2. What problems are you able to come up with solutions fast? If you are hunting down on what to blog about, don’t go too far from familiar topics. When you want to build a name for yourself, it will be a great start to write about things that you are too familiar with. Explain your knowledge in a language that the audience understands. It will be so easy for the readers to spot a pretender from a real expert so concentrate on subjects that you really know about.

Upon answering these questions, you will now have an idea which topics you are most comfortable with and they become your niche.

Now, how to choose a niche is completely different from creating a good niche and earning from it. To make money blogging, you need to understand that not all readers may relate on your likes or beliefs. It is important that you also consider which niche to have from a reader’s point of view.

To know what to blog about and ensure that the audience will love it, you have to find a niche that sells.

Here are top 3 tips that can help you do this:

1. Be specific on your goals. You need to be very exact on your objectives so that you avoid exhausting yourself from finding what you really want. For example, identify which market you are going to target. Don’t settle on saying you are going after female readers. Instead, go into details like including the age group, race, etc. These identifiers can help you see which group of ideas that you can blog about.

2. Keep your eyes on the goals. Do not be dissuaded about the roadblocks that may come. Be focused on the things you need to do. One way to do this is to make a list of what you need to do next. List down topics on what to blog about so you will not risk of forgetting them.

3. Make a work schedule. Especially when you are a freelancer and want to make money writing, you tend to assume that you have plenty of time to blog. But the real scenario to most popular blogs is that the bloggers behind them are also struggling to keep up with the demands of their readers. A blog becomes popular if it is regularly updated. So if you are aiming to be a popular blogger, you need to come up with a timetable that displays all the important tasks including content topics.

4. Plan ahead. It is not enough that you know how to choose a niche. To avoid getting late on the next posting of content, prepare for up to at least 5 posting schedules or topics on what to blog about. This will give you ample time to write well and avoid rushing about the subject. The extra time can be used to edit the content thoroughly before posting it.

5. Spend time to evaluate your work. Be your toughest critic and do not settle for anything less than what you are aiming for. Consider reading your post as an audience. If possible, be brutal on assessing every angle. Stop only when you are thoroughly satisfied on what you wrote. This is one way of perfecting the content so that you too will be pleased with it.

Blogging is not merely about writing. Some people see it as an art, some as a therapeutic way to release stress. But for a lot of people, blogging is a means to earn money.

If you are planning to monetize your blog, then get serious about choosing a niche. It is not about knowing what to blog about but rather finding that sweet spot that can take you places.

Being able to identify your niche is like finding a treasure. You will be able to work on your goals easier, write better, and satisfy not only yourself but each person who gets to read your posts because they are expertly written and come out very informative because you really know and is passionate with what you are writing about.



Loves to travel & innovate awesome stuffs like Websites. Web Design is my Profession but I love SEO & Marketing. Photography is my passion.

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Jenn Pereira

Loves to travel & innovate awesome stuffs like Websites. Web Design is my Profession but I love SEO & Marketing. Photography is my passion.